MA Powertrade


Always keep your Super Saver Club Booklet In a Safe Place!


  1. Personal details will be required when purchasing your Power Savers Stamp.
  2. Purchase your R5 Power Savers Stamp in-store.
  3. To redeem your Power Savers Club Stamps to the value of product, you must produce your original ID book.
  4. You can redeem partly completed pages in your Stamped booklet, in which case you will NOT qualify to redeem the Supplier vouchers.
  5. You can redeem the fully completed pages in your Stamped booklet, in which case you WILL qualify to redeem the Supplier vouchers.
  6. The booklet, partly or fully completed, CANNOT be redeemed for cash.
  7. The Supplier Vouchers CANNOT be redeemed for cash.
  8. Small change to the value of R50 of the value of the book redeemed will be given. You can only redeem your booklet at MA Powertrade Cash and Carry.
  9. The booklet is not transferable and CANNOT be redeemed by any person other than that person whose personal details appear on the Power Savers booklet. MA Powertrader cannot be held responsible and liable for any booklet lost.

Dear Valued Customer         

As a valued MA Powertrade customer, keeping you and our colleagues safe is of high priority, so we wanted to communicate the steps that we are taking with regards to the COVID-19.

Management and Staff have implemented certain measures in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment in this store, which is as follows:

1.     Ensuring that the cleaning & other staff in the store increases the frequency with which we wipe-down high touch point surfaces, baskets and shopping trolleys;

2.     Providing hand sanitisers at the entrance of the store, at high touch point areas and at customer check-out; and

3.     Ongoing communication regarding staff awareness of personal hygiene and other preventative measures to protect their and your health.

We are also dedicated to keeping the store stocked at fair market prices. We are constantly working hard to keep replenishing related essentials such as hand sanitisers, cleaning supplies, paper products, and other in-demand items as quickly as possible and at our Power Prices. We are also working hard to secure sanitising and cleaning supplies for our own use in the store.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support, especially during these trying times.

We hope that we are able to continue to earn your trust.