MA Powertrade


Congratulations to All our following
Anniversary competition winners.

1 Zaid sakier the winner of 55cm TV
2 Talip, winner of clover competition 32cm TV
3 cheryle outoug , winner of coke competition 32cm TV
4 Karin Adams, winner of sasko competition pot set
5 shakirah winner of Microwave
6 malika davids winner of soup maker
7 James whitey winner of steam cooker
8 Rianna Hendricks winner of steel kettle
9 Lucille Smith winner of flash device
10 Husain parker winner of Flash device

Last but not least, a HEARTY THANK YOU to the MA POWERTRADE TEAM , STAFF AND MANAGEMENT – through their dedication and hard work through the fasting month , under challenging conditions, made this Ramadan / EID Anniversary Promotions a success. On top of which they had to endure delivery challenges and preparation of Fitra Parcels for many NGO’s, for which We feel extremely blessed to have been part of. THANK YOU POWER TEAM!! WE APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

Congratulations to our Winners

Winner of the

Congratulations to
Nabu Essop

Winner of the Camp master Electric pik nick Box

Congratulations to
Rihanna Mohamed

Congratulations to our Winner

Ali Dhangoo 
of Kassim 5star takeaways

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